Back from the Dark Ages!

Oh, beloved internet! Finally, you have returned to my warm embrace!

On Sunday afternoon, my neighborhood was hit by a gigantic thunderstorm of epic proportions. Winds that blustered at 75MPH! A maelstrom of rain! Aieeee!

I usually love watching thunderstorms on my parent's front porch, but this one made me screech like a little girl and run inside lest the winds scoop me up and take me to Oz.

When the storm finally passed, our power was down and all internet access was lost. The entire county was hit pretty badly too. Over 150,000 homes lost electricity--and the power company says that some homes won't get power until tomorrow! Those poor people who must live without internet!

Fortunately, the internet came back on late last night and I've been catching up on my beloved blogs and writerly forums.

And yet... There was a little part of me that was sad when the internet came back. There's something nice about not being plugged into the World Wide Web for a few days. There's something nice about reading the paper in the morning instead of making a mad dash to check my email. There's something nice about talking to my family face-to-face instead of getting buried behind our computer screens.

I suppose the trick is to balance our time with the internet. Which is something I still need to figure out how to do!