May 12, 2010

Tell me the truth—am I getting old?

My little sister, Kristy, just finished up her freshman year at college.


I mean, I still remember when my parents brought her home from the hospital. I still remember picking her up from pre-school. And I still remember giving her advice on what colleges she should apply to.

Man, I must be getting old...

Anyway, Kristy and I stayed up late last night watching "Lost" and talking about her freshman year. (Justin and I are up in DC for a few days.) As Kristy told me stories about her roommate from Missouri and her friend from California, she decided to show me their pictures on Facebook.

Yeah, I had another "Whoa" moment at this point. Why? Because I was a college freshman ten years ago—but stuff like Facebook wasn't even on the radar screen yet. Back in 2000, my college life centered on AIM and Napster and dreaming about owning my own cell phone. Seriously folks, it's amazing what can happen in ten years.

Let's do a quick compare and contrast between me and Kristy, okay?

1.) College Communication
Me: AIM and a crusty old dormitory phone
Kristy: Facebook and a shiny cell phone with awesome ring tones

2.) Personal Computer
Me: Old family computer with a wonky monitor that stretched out the display, courtesy of Dad
Kristy: Sleek Dell laptop, courtesy of Dad

3.) Personal Music Device
Me: A portable CD player, complete with a giant case of CDs that I had to lug around
Kristy: iPod, plain and simple

4.) Camera
Me: Disposable cameras
Kristy: Camera on her cell phone, of course

5.) Boys
Me: BOYS? Where? Where?! Me want boyfriend!
Kristy: Boys? Yawn...I have much more important things on my plate, such as downloading new songs onto my iPod, watching movies on my fancy laptop, and basking in the joys of being Dad's favorite child.

Pretty crazy, right? It makes me wonder how different life will be when my kids start going to college...

Flying cars? Holo-phones? Robot servants? Oprah as president?

Should be interesting!


  1. Oh, the disc man. Remember how we carried around ten pounds of CD's all over England and stared in wonder at Abby's (Heidi's?) ipod brick? And don't even remind me that I still had a film camera. Still bitter about that. These kids don't know how good they have it :)

  2. Hahaha.

    Oh man, I was SO jealous of Abby's iPod... My pouch of CDs was so heavy!

    And yeah, I'm still a little mad at myself for not getting a digital camera for London. Gah! It would've made life so much easier. AND I'd have a lot more pictures.

  3. Yes CDs! And I still have like a dozen old (really old, now) disposable cameras I never got developed ...

    In a couple generations the world won't even be recognizable! But sign me up for a robot servant :)

  4. Oh wow and I just read further down your blog ... Congrats on getting an agent! I just signed with one too, and it looks like we posted about it on the same day, lol :)

  5. Lynn,

    Congrats on getting your agent! Can we do a happy "we've-got-an-agent" dance together? :o)

    I think we both deserve a robot servant now...