The Lessons I Learned at the Hospital

Good news, folks! Justin is still very much alive after his surgery!

(I have weird fears about my husband dying young. I blame it on being an anxious Army wife.)

Justin's hernia has been fixed, and he has spent the entire afternoon in a percocet-induced stupor. Right now, he's trying to watch Avatar as his meds kick in. I'm sure the movie gets even better when you have some potent painkillers swimming in your bloodstream!

Anyway, here is a quick list of three lessons I learned while I waited for Justin at the hospital. (I love making lists! Don't hate!)

1.) Drugs and anesthesia make people act really crazy.

After Justin woke up from his procedure, he became sort of weird. For instance, he waved to everyone as the nurse pushed him into the recovery room. Another instance, he tried to wheel himself downstairs before he was properly discharged--and one of the nurses had to track him down. Moral of the story: don't do drugs, kids!

2.) Eating in a hospital waiting room is sort of gross.

Since Justin's surgery and recovery lasted a few hours, I brought along a lunch to munch on in case I got hungry. Uh yeah, I took a few bites of my pasta before I had to put it away. For some reason, eating food in the general vicinity of surgical procedures and bags of bodily fluids just grossed me out. A lot. Suffice to say, I lost my appetite.

3.) Male nurses should wear shirts underneath their scrubs.

Right before Justin was wheeled into surgery, a male nurse came into our room to ask him a couple questions (ie, Do you have any allergies?). But I could barely pay attention to the questions because I couldn't tear my eyes from the nurse's chest hair. Yep, a fountain of gray hair poured forth from the exposed skin on his V-neck scrub. *Shudder* I couldn't help but wonder if I had stumbled inside a seedy techno club in north Jersey. Not pretty...

Well, Justin will now spend the next two weeks at home on convalescent leave. He's quite excited to watch movies and play video games! Of course, he could do without the abdominal pain... Poor boy!