May 5, 2010

The BIG Announcement!

Okay folks, I just got the okay to do this. So without further adieu...


Wow, I've waited 2 years to be able to write this, and I seriously can't stop smiling! Here is an extremely cheesy picture of me as I signed my contract last night (Justin chuckled when I asked him to take this):

A recap of events: For an entire year, I've been searching high and low for a literary agent to represent my MG science fiction novel, THE COSMIC CHRONICLES OF DANNY J. SINGER. I started sending out query letters to agents in April 2009, but I received nothing but rejections. (Quite embarassingly, I cried many, many tears during this period.) After I got my 15th rejection or so, I decided to stop querying and revise the hell out of my novel.

Fast forward to November 2009. After working on my book some more (and getting it torn apart at a few conferences), I sent out 20 queries to various agencies. This time, I received a few positive responses from agents who requested to see the whole book. Exciting, right?! I did a little dance. But alas, these agents ended up rejecting my novel anyway. Yep. Ouch.

Fast foward to March 2009. After another major revision (in which I cut 10,000-words from the book), I figured I'd query a few more agents and give up on the novel if nobody wanted it. I started working on a new manuscript in the mean time, which I was pretty excited about.

Fast forward to last week. Eeek! Last Sunday morning, I got an email from an agent who loved my book and offered me representation. Eeek! My whole body went numb. I couldn't believe this was really happening. I was tempted to accept this agent's offer, but I also knew I needed to alert the other agents who had my manuscript. So I shot off a few emails and twiddled my thumbs and lost my appetite.

Fast forward to Monday. Got a call from Jim! I was utterly flabbergasted that he wanted to represent me---completely floored. After our phone conversation, I got all tingly and excited. I just knew that I wanted to work with him. He was The One!

In the end, I received three offers of rep (Eeek!), but I decided that Jim was the best agent for my book and career. He's smart, he's professional, and he wants to represent me! What more can I ask for?

So that is my story in landing my agent! Honestly, I feel excited and happy and humbled and even a little scared. I still can't believe this is happening to me... Wow...

Anyway, the next step is to revise my novel yet again (more revisions!) and then Jim will start subbing my book to editors once he feels it is ready. (This whole process will take months.)

I'll say it again: Eeeeeeekkkkk!

(If you're interested, I've posted a short summary of my book on my new website. Just click on the "Books" tab!)


  1. C-Line that's so awesome!! I figured you were still busy with your book, so I'm so glad to hear about this success! Can't wait to buy it for my kiddos :) Also glad to hear that you and J are having a littel fun too! Miss you!

  2. Congrats to you!

    Jim is my agent, too, and he's AWESOME to work with. :-)

  3. Kris, thanks! I miss you a ton! When I signed the contract, I really wished that I had some girlfriends nearby who I could celebrate with. Alas!

    Mindi, thank you for visiting my blog! It's so nice to "meet" another one of Jim's clients! I can't wait to read "Freefall" once it comes out!

  4. CAROLINE! This is soo exciting. I'm eeeking over here too (for you :). What a dream--congratulations!!

    (haha--and I love your contract picture. It's perfect.)

  5. Love the cheesy photo. Thanks for the update. That is so great you have an agent you like and that your book is coming along. I will definitely buy it or want a copy.

  6. Congrats! I just signed with an agent myself a week ago. Beyond awesome!!

    Best of luck. Everyone keeps telling me, "Oh, now comes the really hard part."

    Yeah, thanks for that. ;)

  7. Thanks for eeking with me, Lisa! :o)

    And thanks for the well wishes, Adrienne! How are things going with your lovely baby girl?

    KLM, congrats on your agent as well! Yeah, not looking forward to the revisions... Haha. Until I get my revision notes from Jim, I just plan on basking in this glow!

  8. I knew it!

    SO EXCITING! You are so awesome! (Cute dress by the way!)

    Yay! Yay! YAY!

  9. Congratulations on signing with such a fine agent! Love the picture!

  10. Two questions: When you are rich and famous can I tell everyone I know you? And do I get a free copy:) And when you are rich and famous, I promise not to post any compromising pictures of you on the internet... because I am sure I have some. Congrats!! I am very excited for you!

    - Brittney

  11. Lex, thank you! And thanks for the funny e-card, too! I don't know if I can ever crack eggs again...

    Vonna, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Britt, haha. You probably have some embarassing pictures of me! Hmm, do they involve wearing bathing suits and traipsing around in the snow during our freshman year? I will definitely send you a free copy of my book if you keep those pics under wraps!

  12. Congrats! I *heart* Jim too. Way to go -- can't wait to read about your book deal.

  13. Thanks so much, Elana!

    I actually need to send you a "thank you" note since your e-book totally whipped my query into shape! :o)

  14. I just found your blog from your interview on Querytracker. Congrats on finding an agent- Jim sounds fabulous and so does your book!

  15. Hi Caroline!

    I saw the announcement over at Querytracker and followed the links here . . . Congratulations! Wonderful news . . . here's to a fast sale! :)

  16. Congratulations Caroline!!!!!

  17. I'm a month late with the congratulations, but I'm so happy for you that I couldn't move on without saying so. You're sort of living this uber-glamorous and romantic life in my mind. I never wanted to be a celebrity and only occasionally a famous dead artist (there's still time for that) but a writer...oh how romantic! Of course that's forgetting all the hard work and focusing completely on the made up illusion that words just tumble from your pen into great and tragic novels to which no one will truly understand the importance of till long after you're gone.

    Wow...I guess it's actually better life does not run on like my one is truly accepted till they are dead. Good thing you found an agent now. I'm so happy for you!