Have you ever noticed...

...that morning radio shows always have 2 to 3 male hosts but just one female hostess?

I noticed this yesterday as Justin and I drove up to Durham around 8:45 in the morning. While I flipped through the channels, I was amazed at how many shows followed this formula: 3 boys and one token girl.

Basically, the male hosts would yap about silly stuff like "American Idol" or the awesomeness of "Avatar", and the female hostess would be called upon to offer an estrogen-laced opinion.


Then, I thought about the radio stations in DC and Utah that I lused to listen to when I lived in these areas. And yeah, I couldn't think of one show that featured more than one host with a vagina.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong. Indeed, I'd be happy to be proved wrong. But as far as my own experiences go, it seems like morning radio is dominated by men.

Which is just another reason I love NPR.