January 23, 2010

Have you ever noticed...

...that morning radio shows always have 2 to 3 male hosts but just one female hostess?

I noticed this yesterday as Justin and I drove up to Durham around 8:45 in the morning. While I flipped through the channels, I was amazed at how many shows followed this formula: 3 boys and one token girl.

Basically, the male hosts would yap about silly stuff like "American Idol" or the awesomeness of "Avatar", and the female hostess would be called upon to offer an estrogen-laced opinion.


Then, I thought about the radio stations in DC and Utah that I lused to listen to when I lived in these areas. And yeah, I couldn't think of one show that featured more than one host with a vagina.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong. Indeed, I'd be happy to be proved wrong. But as far as my own experiences go, it seems like morning radio is dominated by men.

Which is just another reason I love NPR.


  1. all hail NPR!!!! i get it on my TV and i LOVE LOVE it. never any of that stupid morning show crap. i think we should start our own morning show. what do you think??

  2. Very observant. I think you are right.

    Our alarm radio is set to NPR. It's always nice to wake up to.

  3. I'll agree that most every station has one female to every 2 or 3 guys but we do have one station here in Austin that has two female hosts. Unfortunately they are so bland that they either bore me to death or annoy the heck out of me with their over the top girlishness that I can't stand to listen to them. hmm

  4. Go NPR!

    Terina -- we should definitely start our own radio show! And we can have one token guy who can give us his testosterone-driven opinion. :o)

    I think I butchered the spelling of testosterone...

    Lex, that is a good idea actually! My alarm is set to an annoying ring on my cell phone.

    Cass, I wish I could listen in to this radio station you're describing! When you mentioned two female hosts, I automically thought of the SNL skit featuring Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer. Remember that? They talked about food and they had the most monotone voices. The best skit featured Alec Baldwin and his recipe for "Schweaty Balls." Hehe.

  5. In Sacramento, CA we have a radio station with 2 girls and one guy. Unfortunately the main girl is crap. She is so annoying and dirty. Maybe she feels she has to be to keep up with the boys.