February 9, 2009


(Yes, the title of this blog entry is three straight "OMGs." Apparently, I watch too much of The Hills...)

Anyway, here is a snippet of a conversation I had with Justin over the weekend:

Justin: Hey, so did you hear that Boyz II Men is coming to Fayetteville?

Me: What did you say?

Justin: Boyz II Men. They're coming to town in March.

Me: You're joking...

Justin: No, I'm totally serious.

Me: OH MY GOD! I HAVE TO SEE THEM! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM? [Indecipherable squeals and giggles]

Justin: ...

Me: One of my first CDs was a Boyz II Men album! I was in the sixth grade---and oh---don't you love their song "The End of the Road"? And "Motown Philly"? [Breaks into the chorus of "Motown Philly"; bops head to the rhythm of the fake music] Do you think they'll sing that at the concert?

Justin: ...

Me: We have to go!

Justin: ...

Me: Okay, well, I have to go. I just have to find somebody to come with me...

Any takers?


  1. They came to Oregon but the show was sold out before I even heard about it! Apparently, you're not alone in your fan-dom...

  2. I remember my dad took my oldest brother to their concert (they said I was too young) and I was totally jealous. You have to go!

  3. I would so come with you! I wonder if they are coming to DC??

  4. I'll go! I love Boyz II men!

  5. p.s. What is with all the comebacks? last month NKOTB were in town and now MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are coming next month. (They also happen to have produced the first two tapes I ever owned.) So who's next?

  6. What?! MC Hammer is on tour too? If he's going to wear those big shiny balloon pants at his concert, then I definitely want to go!

    Anna, we should get together soon before Justin and Drew head off on deployment!