January 22, 2009

Quick thoughts on Obama's Inauguration

First off, ARGH!

I totally left DC when things were getting really interesting. For instance, Stephen Colbert came to my museum a few weeks after I left. Even worse, my boss has the most kick-ass view of the U.S. Capitol from his office, complete with a roomy balcony too. It would have been the perfect place to watch the Inauguration. ARGH again!

Anyway, here are a few of my thoughts as I watched Obama's swearing-in:

Back to Texas with you! (On second thought, Laura can stay. I like librarians.)

How cute are the Obama girls? I adore Malia's grape-colored coat. Do they make that in a grown-up size?

Ahhhhh! Shield your eyes, Sasha! Aretha Franklin has sprouted a bow-shaped tumor right on her head!

Pure awesomeness. Now get to work! I want a resolution to the War in Iraq War, more troops and aid in Afghanistan, a sweeping change in American healthcare, a boost in public education, a golden throne encrusted with diamonds, a new house, and my book published by a well-established publishing house.

Got all that?


    Malia's coat is J-Crew, as well as Sasha's. They're scheduled to come out next season.

    Did you know Obama was wearing a bullet repellant suit? Yeah, his finely cut suit was made to withstand a bullet from a 9mm handgun.

    It was an amazing day. I felt the optimism through the TV! Even though I didn't vote for Obama, I respect him and have high hopes for his administration. I want him to succeed. After living here in Memphis, I look forward to seeing what kind of an impact he'll have on young black men, many who are fathers. The Obama family has so much potential to influence the inner city community for good.

  2. Whoa, crazy on the bullet repellant suit!!!!! I didn't know that.

    I LOVED Aretha's bow, high style! Though a hat like that requires a larger than life personality to carry it.

    I agree with you on the rest, let's see how he gets to work.

    And... go Michelle! (Love her).

  3. I thought it was pretty good. That sucks that you couldn't sit on your old boss's balcony to watch it. I was worried Obama was going to get cold up there, but bullet-proof. Wow! I liked the musical arrangement and I liked the poem. You have to read it to like it I thought. Obama was stirring and motivating. I'm ready for the action.

  4. Man. I was really hoping that you were standing in that sea of people somewhere.

    But. It looked pretty cold. So. I'm glad you weren't. Although. If you had a lovely adult-sized grape coat to keep you warm...

  5. I pretty much loved that day. and loved your commentary. :)