Caroline's Kickass Thanksgiving Dinner

Little did you know that I am a kickass cook! Haha!

Well...maybe not a kickass cook all the time (salmon cakes a la the NY Times were not very tasty) but I do make a splendid Thanksgiving dinner---and you can too! With a tip of my hat to the FoodNetwork, I present various recipes for a wonderfully delicious Thankgiving dinner:

Roasted Turkey (I've made this recipe for the past two years and it is fantastic. The brine for the turkey seals in a salty flavor, which leaves the turkey moist and delicious.)

Sausage, Dried Cranberry, and Apple Stuffing (The perfect sweet and savory stuffing. The tartness of the cranberries. The sweetness of the apples. And the utter divinity of sausage. Mmmm...sausage.)

Caroline's Yummy Mashed Potates (No recipe for these. I just boil potatoes with a few cloves of garlic and then mash them up with plenty of butter, salt, pepper, and cream. A secret I've learned in cooking mashed potatoes? After you drain the potatoes, throw them back into their pot and saute them for a minute or two to allow any water to evaporate.)

Creamed Spinach (I don't add the nutmeg, but maybe I will this year. Could be good.)

Good Ol' Mac and Cheese (I planned on making mac and cheese last Thanksgiving, but I got too stressed out. Maybe I'll again this year.)

Tart Cranberry Dipping Sauce (No more buying cranberry sauce in a can! This recipe is simple and easy and so good.)

Pumpkin Pie (I kid you not, the best pumpkin pie ever! The cream cheese in the filling makes this pie thick and rich and delicious. Easy directions too. As a side note, the recipe is only for one pie, but I find myself with enough filling for two. So buy two pie crusts or make an extra one.)

There you have it! I certify that all of these recipes are not too hard to tackle yet amazingly delicious too. I am not a great cook by any measure, but I do have demanding taste buds. And my taste buds love these recipes.