A New Addition to the Richmond Clan!

We're expecting!

Er...a new vacuum that is.

In a matter of days, Justin and I will welcome a new Dyson "The Ball" vacuum to our dirt-ridden apartment. I found a great price for it on Amazon (40% off!) and we decided we couldn't pass this chance up. A Dyson! In our very own home! Suffice to say, I'm quite excited.

My newfound passion for vacuum cleaners is a rather strange one for a girl like me. As a kid, I hated vacuuming and I would dread the moment when my mother shoved our hand-held Dirt Devil in my hand and ordered me to vacuum the basement staircase. I know, I know---it was just one flight of stairs! But still...I hated doing it.

I hated using the vacuum in college too. During my monthly cleaning checks, you could find me scrubbing the bathroom floor or defrosting the freezer but I left the vacuuming to my roommates. I loathed dragging the giant heavy vacuuming apparatus from the closet and pushing it around the carpet. I know, I know---it's such an easy job! But still...I hated doing it.

Fast forward a few years and I'm now married and living in a nice apartment. (Hey, it's not a mansion, but it's big enough for two and relatively new.) When Justin and I went shopping for a vacuum, we just chose one we found at Target: it was small, it was black, and it was cheap. Surely, this little Eureka could keep our carpet dirt-free. But boy, were we wrong.

The carpet in my apartment hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in over a year--gross, I know. Oh, Justin and I try to clean the carpet but our stupid Eureka just pushes dirt around instead of sucking it up. (It doesn't help either that I have long hair and shed like a Persian show cat.) The breaking point came for us when I realized that I could clean my carpets better with my bare hands than with my vacuum cleaner. Yep. My vacuum is pretty sucktastic.

So I can't wait for our new bundle of joy to arrive! Even Justin is excited about the newest addition to our family. He told me last night that he's looking forward to when the FedEx truck drives up to our apartment to drop off our very first child---er, I mean Dyson.