April 24, 2008

President McCain 2008?

For the past year, Justin and I have been glued to Meet the Press, Face the Nation, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and basically anything else politically oriented. Frankly, we can't wait until ol' Dubya vacates the White House and we've been so excited about the Democratic primaries.

Yet to be even more frank, I'm getting sick of it all. At first I was happy that the Democratic Party had such a diverse list of candidates. An African-American! A Latino! A woman! And a populist! (I still love John Edwards.) All seemed bright in the land of the donkey and I was sure that the Democrats would sweep the elections come November. But now I'm not so sure.

I'm really tired of all the badgering between Obama and Clinton. I'm tired of the negativity. Tired of word "superdelegate." And tired of realizing that we're practically giving away the presidency to John McCain. The longer this Democratic primary is prolonged, the more divided this party becomes. Hatred is brewing between the two candidate's supporters--and I admit it. I'm beginning to hate Hillary Clinton.

I'm beginning to hate Hillary! Me! A feminist! I have defended her in the past against people who dislike her for seemingly no reason, but I'm getting to the point where if she wins the nomination over Obama I don't know if I could vote for her. (Which leaves me with only two options: don't vote or go Nader. I refuse to support McCain on the issue of Iraq.)

And this is ludicrous! This is so incredibly stupid. As a staunch Democrat, I should be happy if either Obama or Clinton clinches the nomination. I should be happy to vote for either of them. I should...I should...but I don't know if I can anymore.

Please, Nancy Pelosi. Please, Howard Dean. If you can do anything, please do something. This drawn-out race is killing us. If we end up with a brokered convention in August then we can kiss the White House goodbye. And is this something the Democrats want?

I don't think so.


  1. I hope Howard and Nancy ready your blog because I couldn't agree with you more. You sentiments express my sentiments exactly and I fear those of so many Americans. Maybe all this craziness will end up in Nader as president?

  2. Wow, a threat of voting for Nader! That is really funny. There is also Cynthia McKinney, who seems pretty cool but could never win.

    Yeah I was for Hillary in the beginning too, but I think she is definitely allowing ignorant Americans to play up racist sentiment about Obama's pastor. Slamming Wright is actually slamming the actual feelings and opinions of a lot of black people in America, and just shows how clueless a lot of people are. Obama inspires me in his speeches and the way he has campaigned. I am very disappointed in Hillary, I had so much hope for her.

  3. Who is Cynthia McKinney? Maybe I will vote for her come November? Haha.

    Most likely I'll end up voting for whoever is on the Democratic ticket. Both Obama and Clinton share a lot of the same ideas and I'm happy that both of them are championing some sort of healthcare reform.

    I too was a fan of Clinton at the beginning of the primary but she's disappointed me too, Allie. I feel like her campaign has been too negative and even hypocritical. *Sigh*

    Anyway... I'm still anxious to see how things will go in November. I just really want to see some change in Washington and I think Obama is our best hope for that. But maybe Hillary can bring it too. I don't know. If she is the nominee, then she'll have to do some work to win me back over though.

  4. I'm in a similar boat C-line-- in the beginning I was all excited and would've been happy with Clinton or Obama, but I'm beginning to hate him too. If he gets the nomination I probably just won't vote since there's no way I'd ever vote for McCain. I wonder how everything got this heated so quickly?