March 4, 2008

I am sad

Obama lost big tonight. His twelve-state winning streak has come to an end. I watched the primary results with a lot of disappointment. *Huge depressing sigh*

The only bright spot? Maybe the North Carolina primary will actually garner some interest! I was mad as hell when I discovered that I can't vote until May. May! I should have kept my voter registration in Maryland...

Hmmm. This could also mean that I could get involved with the Obama campaign here in Fayette-stan (that is if one exists). I don't think there are a lot of Democrats in this military town but there are probably a few liberals 'round these parts.

And I shall find them...


  1. Sorry you were sad, but I was jumping up and down and very excited. It's too bad nothing interesting will be happening in the campaign until freaking April (who do you think that will help by the way?). Freaking END of April. Like honestly, who cares about Wyoming? Blargh.