November 13, 2007

Recurring Dreams

I have two recurring dreams. One I've had since childhood. The other I've had since college. I just had the latter dream last night and when I woke up this morning it puzzled me to no end why I keep dreaming about these two things.

The first recurring dream is about a house. It is an enormous house with secret passageways and secret rooms. The people in my dream always change from dream to dream but the house remains the same---mysterious and elusive.

The second recurring dream has to do with high school. In my dream, I never had enough credits to graduate from high school but for some reason I was able to attend college and finish with a degree. But after college I decide I must go back to high school to get my diploma---and so my dream always revolves around me enrolling at my old high school and attending classes with students 10 years my junior. To make myself feel better, I go around telling everyone how I have already finished college but I still need to complete my senior year of high school.



  1. Caroline!
    I have totally had the have-to-go-back to high school dream multiple times. It's horrible. I'm always failing some math class too.

  2. I have had that dream many times as well. weird. I too am failing a math class, like Alexis. That's just weird.

    Anyway. Guess who I met today. Your favorite opinion columnist: Anna Quindlen. Yep! She was at ASU for something, and she came into my class, and talked to us for like an hour. The class is comprised of about 10 people, so it was pretty cool. She's really nice, and really down to earth. Just thought I'd tell you that. Anyhoo. Have a great day!