June 4, 2007

Trying to get back into blogging...

I haven't posted a new blog entry in SO LONG! This is due to my intense laziness and also because a few major changes have occurred in my life. So to catch everyone up on what has happened in my life in the past two months, here goes:

1.) I now go by Caroline Richmond because I happened to marry a guy with the last name Richmond. On April 20th, 2007, (yes, we got married on National Pot-Smoking Day) I married my fiance Justin who is wonderfully handsome and handsomely wonderful! I am now officially a married woman and thus old and boring. Except to Justin, of course, who finds me incredibly youthful and fun. Honestly, I love being married! I don't mean to sound mushy or anything, but it is the greatest.

2.) Shortly after our nuptials, I officially moved down to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Some call it Fayette-nam or even Fayette-stan, but I call it home for now. We should be here in da dirty South for a year---or whenever Justin finishes up his Special Forces training---and then we will head to either Seattle, Washington or Okinawa, Japan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Seattle so I can start on graduate school. But then again, Japan would be a great adventure. Either way, Justin and I don't have any say in the matter; we will go where the Army tells us to go.

3.) Um, sex is great.

Haha. I don't really have many other updates to write about. I haven't found a job down here in Fayetteville, but then again I'm not really trying too hard because I like being lazy and getting up whenever the hell I want. But soon enough I will need to hunker down and find me some employment. Argh, but do i really have to?


  1. Hurray these pics are so cute- I want to see more!! Congrats again on your marriage. It will be exciting to see where you guys go!

  2. Oh I missed this blog entry somehow! Lovely pics! You two can star in Fayateville's Hot Totties magazine.

    I hope you're in Seattle too, because then you wouldn't be too far, and then you, me and Shena would all be Westerners and we'd have to convince Amanda to come back here after law school.

    By the way, check this out: http://www.okiu.ac.jp/eng/17-graduate-school.html

  3. um, hello! I have been waiting for C-line to come back to the blogging world! How I have missed you and your inspiring posts. Okay, how cute are you and Justin? Please, can i see more pictures? You look beautiful!! Wow, Japan or Seattle? Either way you score. That's great. Please come to London. I miss you! Email me with details of the wedding too.