November 30, 2006

The Beginning of Oldness

When I was a nineteen year-old sophomore in college, my roommates and I had a friend named Pete. Pete lived in our apartment complex and he'd stop by every so often to chat with us. (I think he had an alterior motive to woo my roommate Cassandra.) Pete was a tall guy, a communications major, and just a little nerdy. Like many other BYU boys, he had thinning hair so I assumed he must have been in his mid-twenties.

One evening Pete came over and we all hung out in the living room. The topic of age came up and someone asked Pete how old he was.

"I'm 22," Pete replied.

I was a little taken back. Twenty-two? He didn't look twenty-two! Pete was a lot more mature than other 22 year-olds I knew back then. And he had a lot less hair than most 22 year-olds I had come across.

"I thought you must have been 24 or something," I said. (Or maybe my roommate Jana said that. I don't remember anymore.)

"Twenty-four?!" Pete said, "Twenty-four is the beginning of oldness!"

We all laughed. Being twenty-four was indeed an old age considering my roommates and I were all nineteen. I couldn't even fathom what it was like to be twenty years old and thus no longer a "teen." In my mind, people who were twenty-four were finished with college and had real jobs. People who were twenty-four had bills to pay and responsibilities. People who were twenty-four had their lives figured out and they were just plain old.


Eleven days from now, on December 10th, I will turn twenty-four. According to the immortal words of Pete, I will be old.

Old like this woman.

***It's so funny to me that I used to think 24 was old. And I find it especially amusing that I assumed 24 year-olds had their lives all figured out. I'm sure when I'm 50 I'll still be confused at what I'm doing in life. Hahaha. Let's all laugh at our silly 19 year-old selves!


  1. I don't think I ever really thought about the age 24, but I was also thinking the other day I feel old! Well, I feel past the point where I can be carefree and selfish. I am now at a point where I have to think more of others (namely my husband and future family), work full time and pay the bills, and I no longer want to stay up all night chatting or watching movies (or making out with boys), like I did when I was "young." Life goes on I suppose, it is a good thing, yet so very strange to me.

  2. Allison2:44 PM

    Even sillier is that time when we were 13, floating around in my pool, imagining what high school would be like. Specifically, wondering what life would be like if we were cheerleaders. "I bet you'd have a date for every dance!" you said to me. And alas, how that was most definitely NOT the actuality! However, how glad I am now that my dearth of high school dates left me to form such a close friendship with you, my darling.

  3. Oh Allie! We were so silly as 13 year-old girls. Maybe the reason I became a cheerleader was for the silly notion that I would get asked to every school dance. Haha.

    Looking back at high school, I'm glad I didn't date anyone because 1.) high school boys were morons, and 2.) I got to spend more time with you, Amanda, Rachel, and Shena. Our high school flames are long gone but we are still together! Fab Five Forever! Haha.

  4. Silly Caroline! At least you aren't really old until you're 25.

    Happy impending birthday my dear, and may you enjoy the last year of your youth. (I myself have a remarkable three years of juventud remaining. Haha!)