The Elevator Ride

Yesterday evening after work I stepped into the elevator at Grosvenor Metro station, ready to finally head home. The elevator was full of working women in dark slacks and trenchcoats. It was seven o'clock and we were a bit of a haggard bunch---tired and hungry.

An older woman with long gray hair remarked, "Isn't this amazing? A whole elevator-full of women returning home from work at this hour." She chuckled before adding, "Times sure have changed, haven't they?"

Indeed, they have. It really is amazing that a woman in her sixties has witnessed such social change in the span of her life. I'm sure when she started working forty years ago, the workplace was a very different world where women were secretaries and men did everything else. I am so grateful to have been born in this period of history when women are encouraged to development their minds and to pursue their dreams.

And so, I have written a list of things that I am thankful for due to the feminist movement:

1.) Voting (Go Susan B.!)
2.) PhDs, JDs, MBAs, MDs, MAs, etc.
3.) The ability to walk around the city without a chaperone
4.) Pants

That last one is absolutely wonderful. I would hate wearing skirts or dresses every day in the winter. Yay for feminism and yay for pants!