Viva Las Vegas!

What a fabulous weekend! My best friend Alexis got married to a wonderful guy named Gabe Middleton. They complement each other so well and he treats her like gold. The entire weekend was full of happiness and fun. If Vegas wasn't so damn hot, I could have stayed there forever!

One of the best parts of the trip was seeing my friend Kristen. We met in London back in 2003 and we were roommates for three semesters afterwards. In August, I attended her wedding in California where Alexis and I were her bridesmaids. Now Kristen's married to a great guy named Jason and they're moving to Portland in June.

It was also great to see Alexis's sister, Alyson. (We kept each other company on the temple grounds when Lex and Gabe were getting sealed.) She's moving to DC in a few weeks to intern at the National Postal Museum. Don't be sad, Aly. Stamps are cool!

The happy couple emerges!

Gabe and Alexis met at---where else?---BYU. They were in the same ward at the Colony and started dating in January 2005. (Alexis likes to add that they were friends since September 2004.) As far as BYU dating goes, Lex and Gabe dated for a long time---a total of eleven months before they got engaged. Their engagement lasted six months so they've been dating for a year and a half before they got hitched. Yay for not rushing into marriage!

Alexis had eight bridesmaids---her two sisters, three friends from high school, and three friends from BYU. Since her bridesmaids were scattered across the U.S., Lex had us choose our own bridesmaid dresses (our only job was to make sure it was brown). I was a bit worried that our dresses would clash, but everything turned out so well. All of us bought dresses in the same hue of brown and in the same length. I loved my dress! I got it at Zara and it has a retro look to it. The only negative side? It was too tight on my arms. Ouch. What can I say? I have chubby arms.

My favorite part of my outfit was my bouquet! Alexis's colors were green and brown so her bridesmaids wore brown and carried green bouquets. I think her florist did a terrific job.

Aside from Aly's lovely face, please draw your attention to the temperature on the rearview mirror. 107 degrees!!!

What's Vegas without a little gambling? On Sunday, Jason, Kristen, and I went to a brunch buffet at the Rio. (We wanted to go to the Wynn, but their Mother's Day buffet cost $35!) Afterwards, we played a few slot machines. I lost all of my money---a grand total of $2.25. Punishment for breaking the Sabbath...

Kristen must be on God's good side though because she won seven dollars! She put in one quarter into a slot and won on her first try. Not fair!

All in all, a fabulous little vacation!

I couldn't be happier for my friend. I couldn't have eaten more food. And I can't be more excited to get married in the temple one day. (In the distant, distant future!)