May 9, 2006

They're Mine!

Whenever I have lunch at the National Gallery of Art, I just have to stop by the 4th floor to look at my Georgia O'Keefe's. (I like to say their my O'Keefe's because I'd like to own one some day. This, of course, is a near impossible dream!)

I was never a fan of O'Keefe until I saw her work in person. Only then did I see the careful gradiation of her colors, the smoothness of her strokes. Her paintings are so bold, yet feminine. And for some reason I think they look very American.

Some people say that OKeefe's paintings display overt sexuality--- that they look like female genitalia. (I suppose I can see a resemblance. In a sense, flowers are vaginas after all.) But when I look at an O'Keefe, I see pretty colors swirling together and I see peace. I guess that's why I love to visit the 4th floor whenever I get a chance.


  1. I love Georgia O'Keefe's paintings! Way to go! I'm totally jealous. And, yes, I can see the sexual references. It is actually quite a common thing for female painters to do. All part of the feminist movement, I suppose. Anyhoo. Do you like Mark Rothko? I wonder if you've seen any of his stuff in person. I, unfortunately, have not. But, I would love to one day!

  2. I love Mark Rothko! They have a huge room of his paintings in the National Gallery. I like to sit on a bench in there and look at them. The colors and shapes in the paintings always seem to morph when I look at them long enough.

    How ironic, but I actually bought a poster of one of his paintings today! It's a wedding present for Alexis and Gabe. I hope they like it!

    P.S. If you get a chance, you should really visit DC! You would love the National Gallery. Or you should visit London! They have a few Rothko's in the Tate Modern.

  3. Love Rothko too. Completely reminds me of Bro Marshall in London and the Tate Modern for one of his class assignments. What a life...Can for sure see the female genitalia in O'Keefe's paintings. It's reminding me of childbirth.... actually, everything reminds me of childbirth right now.

    What a perfect wedding present! Well done.

  4. Well Linds, maybe if you keep looking at a Georgia O'Keefe painting, your baby will get the right idea and decide to come on out! :o)

    Anyway, I totally remember our trip to the Tate Modern with Brother Marshall. I had never heard of Rothko until that trip!

    Do you also remember when we went to the Tate Britain and saw "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose"? I still remember that painting so vividly! No postcard or poster of it can do it justice.

    Ah London...

  5. Completely agree with the painting "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose". I LOVE the painting in the Tate Britain. I remember rushing to the gift store to buy a print and being utterly disappointed. The print just did not do the actual painting would have been like settling for less if I bought it. So now, I can only admire on trips to the Tate.