May 31, 2006

Benji's Back!

About a month ago I posted a link to a Chinese music video starring a bonafide BYU Young Ambassador. Benji, as he calls himself, has now finished up his degree and is moving to China to launch his career as a "American Chinese pop Supa-star"! Yippee!

Benji's music video can be described in one word: CHEESE. It reeks of cheesiness: silly hip-hop dance movies, backdrops of Provo, and an Asian love interest. I giggled non-stop when I first watched it, thinking "Are you serious?" But indeed, Benji is very serious. And after I checked out his MySpace profile, over 1000 people find him to be very serious, too. I really think he's going to make it big in China. Benji is even negotiating with CCTV (Chinese Central Televsion) about hosting a show in China and he also received interest from MTV China to air his music video.

Hold the phone. (Haha. When's the last time you used that phrase?) I need to contact the Chinese people, stat. I need to bring to their attention a little something I call taste. I need to warn them about the Benji invasion. Run away, my cousins! Turn off your Communist-sponsored radios and television sets! Run away before Benji makes you turn into a squealing puddle of goo!

But my cries will fall on deaf ears because Chinese people eat this stuff up. They love cheesiness and they love Americans who embody cheese. Why? I don't know, but I do know my parents love to sing really loudly to strange Chinese karoake. Even my own family loves cheese.

It frightens me to no end that I could have been a screaming Benji fan if my grandparents had stayed in China rather than flee from the Communists. What would my life be like if I had grown up in Shanghai?

Would I look like this?

And make vertical peace signs when I pose for pictures?

And take pictures of myself with my web cam like this?

Would I have a neo-mullet and dye my hair red? Would I giggle incessantly and cover my mouth with my delicate hand? Would I wear shirts that read "Super Gas" across my chest? (True story, I saw a girl with a shirt like this in Beijing.) Would I have a Hello Kitty keychain and own an exhorbitant amount of stickers?

BLARGH! I'm getting the heebie-jeebies. Excuse me while I rock back and forth, chanting "I don't like Pokemon, I don't like Mao, and I don't like neo-mullets."


  1. Oh Caroline I can't stop laughing. Hilarious. All I can say is that I am glad you are who you are, and not one of those girls with too trendy hair that will eat up the Benji Cheese.

  2. don't you mean "horizontal" peace signs?

  3. I kind of feel bad now that I've shaped my own hair into a neo-mullet...I guess I'll just go back to the flat top...

  4. you're blog is WAY cooler than mine! but you have to drop the whitney houston fetish. if she has a rebound in her career, you're the first person i'm coming after.


  5. No way! Is your hair really a neo-mullet? You need to take a picture and send it to me! It's amazing all the different versions of the mullet... Eastern Europeans and Asians seem to love it. (And guys who attended Utah State?)

  6. Like you, I can't understand why this cheese sells. But it will sell. Maybe there's something exciting about international romance, I don't know. All I know is that the Chinese need to get more discriminating when it comes to language skills.

  7. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Hi Caroline,

    This is Benji...haha. I better you never thought I'd read your blog about me, but I found it quite entertaining. I'm flattered that you'd find my career of great enough importance to grace your blog site. (I was actually led to your blog by a link when I googled my name...haha...showing the apparant vast popularity of your blogs.)

    Congratulations on ten years in the Church by the way. I wish you the best at BYU. Maybe I'll see you in China some day at one of my concerts:)

    Yours truly,

  8. Dear Benji,

    Well, all I can say is that I am thoroughly blushing! I apologize for any offense... But I do wish you the best in China! I know the next time I venture over there, I hope to see your face on some billboards!

    I'm actually really embarassed! Haha. And I have an urge to delete this entire entry, but I will leave it up as a testament to the powers of blogging...


  9. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Hey Caroline,

    This is Benji again. I'm so glad you didn't delete your profile, because it seriously makes me laugh so hard everytime I read it and I have been having way to much fun showing my family and friends.

    I am totally cool with you having your own opinion about my music. Pop is not for everyone, but it is definitely something that I love and I am passionate about my career. I'm also happy that you can at least admit that you think I will be successful even if it makes you nauseous:)

    Keep looking for updates at or maybe you'd be less disgusted by my American ENGLISH singing Pop Star little brother PJ at I hope you enjoy:)