Don't Leave Me All Alone, Project Runway!

Oh, what a fantastic finale last night for Project Runway! PR has to be my favorite show and I am unbearably sad that I have to wait a whole year for Season 3. (Do they even show Project Runway in the UK?)

I think all three designers---Santino, Chloe, and Daniel---had fabulous collections. It really was a toss-up to me on who would win the show. Undoubtedly, all of the designers have benefited from the show's publicity and will be in high demand in the upcoming years.

Chloe is the winner! I have to admit that I was surprised, but pleasantly so, that she won. I thought her collection lacked a theme and the fabrics were a bit heavy, but like the judges said, her work is perfectly executed and fitted. And I absolutely love the baby doll dress she made for her 13th look (left). Ms. Diana did an excellent job putting it together.

For a moment before they annouced the winner, I really thought the judges would pick Daniel V. I thought his collection was the most versatile because it encompassed outerwear, evening wear, work wear, sweaters, pants, and even handbags. His clothing demonstrated excellent detail and I could see the Japanese/Militaristic look that he was going for. His cream coat (right) is pure perfection! I have a penchant for cream-colored clothing and it has been a dream of mine to buy myself a soft cream trenchcoat to wear around town. I would be a happy woman indeed if I had enough money to buy this lovely creation.

As Tim Gunn declared, Santino's work was breathtakingly beautiful. I loved the satins and laces that he chose, the earthy color palette of the pieces, and the soft feminity that accentuated his entire collection. I saw the strongest continuity and theme in Santino's clothing. Just by looking at his pieces individually, I could have sworn that the judges would pick him to be the winner. I'm a little confused as why he lost... But I'm sure that Santino will have a lot of work coming his way now that Project Runway is over. And maybe it's a good thing he lost because he won't be tied to a contract with Banana Republic, which is one of the rewards in being named winner of the show.

On a closing note, I really liked this below-the-boob vest (right) that Daniel V. created for his collection. At first glance it seems entirely bizarre, but I love it. It's so Caroline-esque in a way!

I don't know if I could ever pull off such a number. Is my chest too big? Too small? Would I merely be calling attention to my breasts?

Where would I even buy a below-the-boob vest? Would people just stare at me strangely when I walk down the street or would they whisper to one another, "How trendy! I saw something just like that on Project Runway!"