60 Second Update

1.) I got into the London School of Economics! What a surprise! I really didn't think I would get in and I really didn't think I would hear a reply until mid-April. Nonetheless, I am extremely happy and excited to head back to my favorite city in the world come September. Wahoo!

2.) I started volunteering for a DC organization that works with kids affected by AIDS. About 20% of the kids have HIV themselves; the rest have immediate family members who have the virus. I'm working with the teenagers and they are all a lot of fun and funny. Spending time with them really makes me see that I have so much to be thankful for. My own problems that oftentimes seem so difficult and painful are insignificant worries compared to what these kids have gone through their entire lives. On top of living with AIDS, many of these teens come from single-parent homes, face poverty, and attend below-par schools. All of this makes me wonder---why am I so lucky? And I really don't know why...

3.) One of the funniest moments I witnessed this week was when I threw my cruddy peach in the trash. My roommate Diana berated me for wasting food, leapt after the peach, grabbed it from the garbage, washed it off, and ate a part of it. After tasting it for herself, she threw the rest away.

I raise my fist at you, Costco!

4.) I have made a goal to tame my profound appetite for sleep. If you have ever lived with me, you will know that I love to sleep. I can sleep for twelve hours a night. As recently as October 2005, I slept for twenty hours in one day!

But I really should harness this desire, right? I mean, don't responsible adults go to bed at a decent hour to wake up early for work? Why can't I do this? Why does my body love to sleep so much???

5.) I love Project Runway. Not as much as sleeping, but I love this show with all of my heart.