Outta the Ball Park!

Since I moved back home to DC, I have spent a lot of my time with my high school friends. It has been so fun to reminisce about our awkward years and to laugh about how silly we were. And it's crazy to see how we're all so similar despite spending five and a half years apart at different colleges.

Perhaps one of the best ideas we've rekindled is the terminology of the Four Base system, as in, "So how far did you go?" Back in elementary school, first base meant something like sitting next to your crush. Second base would be talking to him, third base would be holding hands, and a home run meant a kiss on the cheek---or if you're risky and showing signs of future sluttiness, on the lips!

Of course, the Four Base system evolved once we reached high school, but it still remains a great tool to navigate potentially awkward situations. I mean, it's still a little strange to tell your friends how far you've gone with a guy---but much easier to tell them you went to 2nd. Less descriptive, yet to the point.

And what better way to say he got absolutely nothing than to remark, "He was strikin' out all night!"