Music Balm

On the Metro ride to work today, I listened to the bubblegum pop of Britney Spears' "Stronger" and the emo angst of the All American Rejects' "Swing Swing." Call it comfort food for the heart. There must be a dose of ibuprofen mixed into the lyrics of certain break-up songs because they just make you feel better. Like a throat lozenge.

Other Chicken-Soup-Songs-for-the-Soul include:

1.) Destiny's Child - "Bugaboo"
2.) Jessica Andrews - "There's More to Me than You"
3.) JoDee Messina - "Bye Bye Love"
4.) Christina Aguilera - "Fighter"
5.) Jo Jo - "Leave" (I know, the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures.)
6.) Bon Jovi - "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Bad Medicine"
7.) Ugly Kid Joe - "I Hate Everything About You"

There's so many more... But of course, such songs can only do so much to assuage the hurt.

So even though, yeah yeah, I know this is for the best... And even though, yeah yeah, he doesn't deserve me anyway, it still feels like someone thrust a mace into my chest, twisted it around, and left me to rot.

Ouch. Love hurts.