Sometimes I think my blog-posts are all so serious and heavy... This is probably because I'm going through a "phase." I promise I definitely have a fun and silly side! Promise.

Anyway, the purpose of my blog is to CALL ALL OF MY FRIENDS TO DC! Bored at work? Tired of school? Ready to play? Come to the East Coast and visit Caroline!

Reasons to come:
1.) I can hook you up with a place to stay. Perhaps my lovely couch or with my parents in Potomac, MD.
2.) DC is full of free activities, like museums, the zoo, the memorials and monuments, etc.
3.) If you come in April, you can see the pretty cherry blossoms!
4.) I can get you a free ticket to an IMAX movie at the Smithsonian.
5.) What better company can you ask for than MOI?

Come one, come all!