Oh Nicholas, how I want your life!

Nicholas is a guy who occupies the cubicle right next to mine. Because of our close quarters, I often overhear his phone conversations, and oftentimes these happen to be with his wife. After eavesdropping on such conversations and after chatting with Nick, I have decided that I want his life.

Nick is probably in his early thirties and he is currently a research fellow at the museum where I work. He holds a teaching position at UVA, but he will probably take a post at Berkeley come summertime. His mother is from England and his father is from Australia; he grew up in Australia, (sigh) my dream vacation spot.

Nicholas' wife is an artist, but for her day job she works for the marketing department at Whole Foods. Thus, this newlywed couple gets to eat yummy free Whole Foods all the time!

So...I think I've decided that I don't really want Nicholas' life, but his wife's. Wouldn't it be awesome to be around delicious treats all day? And wouldn't it be perfect to have an intelligent Australian husband who does interesting research all day? (Sigh again.) I'm jealous.