After Kissing...Cherries are My Weakness

I suddenly realize why Cassandra wanted to marry Brian Cherry. Cherry is the best last name because cherries are the best fruit ever!

On my travels to Costco on Monday, I bought a pound of cherries. Eleven bucks. Expensive, I know, but well worth it. Cherries are my favorite fruit; in fact, they're my family's favorite fruit. The Tung's can have a bushel of cherries for dinner. When my mom buys cherries at the grocery store, they are guaranteed to be gone by morning. My sister, brother, and I will sit around the box of cherries and fight for the meatiest ones. In our household, food fights are a common occurrence. It's just that we don't throw the food at one another, but try to grab it from one another's hands to satisfy the hunger in our half-full bellies. It's a dog-eat-dog world in the Tung household. That's why my sister's so scrawny--she can't get enough food because my brother and I are bigger than her.

Anyway, I love cherries. Just two days after I bought my pound of cherries, they are almost gone. Do you think it's possible for me to have an overdoes of cherries? If I eat too much of them, will they wreak havoc on my body? Like turn my pee a weird color?

I challenge anyone to a cherry-eating contest. When it comes to food-eating contests, I am 0-1, but I am confident in my cherry-eating abilities. I really think I could win!