"After The Call" is a series on my blog that chronicles what happens after you get an offer of representation from a literary agent. For instance, how do you choose between multiple offers? How do you communicate with your new agent? And what is the revision process like?

I decided to start this series because I noticed a lot of blogs focused on how to gain representation, but I didn't find very many that talked about what happened after you signed on the dotted line. Thus, I decided to kick-start "After The Call" to hopefully fill this void.

Before You Sign the Contract
When an Agent Offers You Representation...
Please Contact the Agents Who Have Your Query!
How Do You Choose Between Multiple Offers?
Don't Ignore Your Gut

Revisions, Submissions, and Emotions
What Happens After You Sign Your Contract?
Revisions, Revisions, Revisions
The Emotional Roller Coaster of Submissions
Editorial Rejections -- To Read or Not To Read?
How to Deal with Referrals
Dealing with Envy

Getting a Book Deal (Or Not) 
How Should You Spend Your Book Advance
Why Isn't Your Book Selling?
On Perseverance
It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Meagan Spooner, YA writer
Kate Hart, YA writer
Erin Bowman, YA writer
Jay Kristoff, YA/Adult author
Katy Upperman, YA Author