Playing Catch Up


I've been meaning to update my blog for weeks but it seems like all of my free time lately has been funneled toward working on my new manuscript or watching the FIBA World Cup or eating stone ground wheat crackers (my meal of choice as a mom! glamorous!). Oh, I've also been going to bed at 9:30PM every night. Although sometimes I go a little wild and stay up until ten!

Basically, you're thinking to yourself: OMG, Caroline, how do I become as cool as you are?! 

To which I reply: This level of coolness requires a certain amount of flip flops, bathrobes, and let's-eat-cookies-for-all-meals-what-the-hell attitude.

I think Cookie Monster would approve of such a philosophy, eh?

{Bow down to her cuteness!}
Anyway! Here's a quick recap of what I did in August:

1. Hung out with my sister—which involved a lot of eating and blueberry picking and giggling at silly GIFS—before she drove out to Utah to start her senior year of college.

2. Hung out with the Baby Overlord because I am her mother and it is my parental duty to hang out with her all the time. Plus, she's rather cute.

3. Stalk the sale section at Gap Baby because who can afford to pay full price for this incredibly adorable sh*t?!

3a. I generally don't swear on this blog but it's 9:10PM and thus almost my bedtime so I've lost my filter. Apologies!

4. My braggity brag of the summer: GEORGE RR MARTIN FAVORITED ONE OF MY TWEETS! George Freaking RR Martin! I can now die happy!

5. Work on my WIP. Work on my WIP. Brush my teeth. Work on my WIP. Maybe sleep. Feed baby. Rinse, repeat.

6. Occasionally, shower.

And there you have it, folks! I know you missed me and that you've yearned for my glamorous posts on my very glamorous life. Now that I've recapped my August for you, you're totally gnashing your teeth in envy, aren't you? Aren't you?!

I mean, did you know that George RR Martin favorited one of my tweets? :)

Haha. So how are YOU doing? How was your August and how is the first week and a half of your September? Update me!