The Baby's Room, Part II!

Well, folks, we are now five days away from Le Bebe's due date! We shall see if she decides to make an early entrance into this great big world or if she decides to procrastinate, as her mama would do. (Incidentally, I was born two weeks early! That's the extent of my promptness, alas.) Every day is sort of like a game now—baby or no baby? Hospital trip or no hospital trip? 

Le Bebe, it would be nice if you gave your parents a heads-up! 

A few of my friends have asked me if I'm feeling ready. Truthfully? Yes and no! Yes, I can't wait to meet her. No, I'm not terribly excited about the whole labor thing. *La la la, let's not talk about it!* And a small slice of me is still freaking out about the prospect of becoming a parent. Me! A mom! Holy goodness! What if I mess her up somehow with my neuroses and quirks and penchant for eating cookies for breakfast?!

But that's just me. I freak out whenever a Big Change comes into my life. When I arrived in Utah for my freshman year in college, I remember staring out of the rental car window and thinking, I'm an idiot. I made a huge mistake. Must. Transfer. Immediately! Then literally two days later, I was skipping and smiling across campus, so excited about college and my new friends and FREEDOM! 

Anyway, I really can't wait to meet our little one, and I'm just putting some final touches on her room! Ugh, we still have to assemble the crib but we don't have enough screws since ours is a hand-me-down. It's a good thing that babies don't really sleep in cribs until they're a few months older! 

{I scored this polka-dot chambray onesie at GapKids for $8!}
{Here's a peek at my wall decor. Gold polka dot decals and my poor attempt at a Mark Rothko!}
{I installed a picture ledge above the baby's dresser. Books and more books!}

{This is a photo of my grandma, my mom, and me as a baby. Le Bebe will be the 4th generation!}

There you have it! Now the room just needs, you know, a baby. :)

Anyway, what your plans for this weekend? I'm hoping to attend a book signing, meeting an old college roommate for dinner, and the Super Bowl, of course! What are you guys up to?