My 25th Birthday!

{Photo courtesy of Sweet Saucy Supply.}

Wow, I can't believe I'm 25 already! Time sure goes fast, doesn't it? But I'm so excited to be in my mid-twenties now!


Okay, fine! I'm not 25. Whimpers. Yesterday was indeed my birthday but I'm not going to tell you how old I turned. Because I am now indeed old! *Wails* *Cries* *Eats cake*

Anyway, I had a low-key but very nice birthday! Since Justin is in the Philippines on business, we decided to hold off on celebrations until he got back but I still managed to squeeze in a few fun activities. I kicked off the day by sleeping in (woot, woot!) before heading to Dupont Circle to have lunch with friends visiting from Australia. Then I got some work done, had dinner with family at Bobby's Burger Palace (YUM!), and gobbled down a strawberry shake for dessert instead of cake. 'Cause it's my birthday and I can drink a milkshake if I want to!

Oh, I also shopped! I haven't gone shopping in awhile because I just want to wear comfy pants and sweatshirts whilst seven-months pregnant (and eat a lot of peanut butter cookies). But to Madewell, I went! I bought a cute button-down shirt that was on sale and some adorable stacking rings. And then I went home and made this wish list on Polyvore to cover various things I'm coveting. Because making wish lists is fun!

Birthday Wish List

one: globe // two: madewell transport tote // three: kate spade watch

You seeing this, Santa? Caroline needs a new watch! And slippers! And that tote! And a pet sloth!

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying this holiday season! It has been snowy and icy here in DC, but I love all of the festive Christmas lights and the surplus of Christmas treats at Trader Joe's. Happy Christmas and happy 20th birthday to me!

What? Don't you age backwards?