Friday Five

{A photo of the Dutch Parliament taken on our trip a couple weeks ago.}

Ah, the weekend is almost here! Since I work from home, my weekdays usually blend into my weekends in a giant calendar-ish blob but Justin has been away on business since Sunday so I'm super excited to have him back. (Can you tell I've been a little cooped up for the last five days?!) On the agenda this weekend: hit up the farmer's market and go to the County Fair! I can't wait to consume a corn dog and sugary lemonade, but I'll pass on the funnel cake. I know I'm totally weird but I don't like 'em!

On the writing front, I am revising ANOMALY again! I received my edit letter from Brilliant Editor Jody two weeks ago, and I've been in a brainstorming maelstrom ever since. I'm super excited to tackle these revisions—it's my very first editorial letter! egads!—but I'm nervous too since I want to make sure I get this thing right. But one thing is for certain: Jody is awesome! She has brought up questions and insights that I have never thought of before, and I know her ideas will make this book 100 times stronger. Now, if I can just buck up and actually this round of revision....

On the reading front, I have been reading a lot of books on Nazi history to help round out the world-building in ANOMALY. My favorite so far is Women Heroes of WWII (a book that Jody recommended incidentally) because it centers on the kick-ass women who stood up to the Nazis. Some of these women worked for the Resistance, some of them spied on the Germans, and some of them rescued Jews by either hiding them or escorting them to safety. Seriously, I am in awe of these ladies!

And on the thought-provoking front, I recently watched a short film by Werner Herzog about texting and driving. Have any of you guys seen it? The video has been making the rounds on Slate and NPR, and it is powerful. The film follows four families, some of whom were the victims of texting-and-driving accidents while others were the perpetrators. It's heartfelt and heartbreaking, and I think every cell phone owner needs to watch it. After all, how many times have we noticed other drivers who are steering with one hand and punching phone buttons with the other? And how many times have we reached for our phones ourselves while running to the grocery store or the doctor's office?

Can you believe that it's already mid-August and that the summer is almost over?! Seriously, 2013 has flown by incredibly fast. So what are you up to the rest of the summer? Soaking up the sun? Reading lots of books? Taking copious amounts of naps?