It's a Book Deal!



I have news!

This little announcement just went up on Publisher's Marketplace today:

That's pretty small, eh? Here is the text!
Caroline Tung Richmond's debut ANOMALY, about a world where Hitler won WWII and a supernaturally gifted teen will ignite a massive rebellion, to Jody Corbett at Scholastic, by Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (NA). 
AHHHHH! Craziness!

I've been sitting on this news for a few months actually! Scholastic offered back in March, and I remember my whole body going numb—and I had to sit down lest I fainted and require smelling salts or a swift slap to the face. Funnily enough, when Jim first called me about the offer, I was at the grocery store and didn't even hear my phone! Nice one, Caroline. I've been dreaming about The Call for years, and I totally missed it!


I'm super duper quadruple excited about joining the Scholastic family! It's honestly so surreal because I adored the Scholastic Book Fair as a kid; and I feel so incredibly lucky to be with a house that has published some of my favorite novels, like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and the Babysitter's Club! (Go Claudia Kishi!) Of course, I'm a tiny little fish amongst a big sea of whales but I'm more than happy to be a guppy just swimming with these guys!

And now for some thank-yous because this novel never would've have made it even half this far without my dear friends and family:
1. To my lovely and hilarious agent Jim McCarthy who has stuck with me for three (THREE!) years and never gave up on me or on my books. He was determined to sell ANOMALY and...sell it he did! Thank you, thank you a thousand times, Jim!  
2. To my wonderful writing friends and critique partners who saw potential in ANOMALY even when it was a big pile of writing poo. Thank you for wading through that poo and helping me make this book a hundred times better! (Special shout-outs to Ellen Oh, Andrea Colt, and Robin Talley for being my first readers! I owe you copious amounts of chocolate and champagne!)  
3. And to my unbelievably supportive husband Justin Richmond who has walked every step of this publishing journey with me. When we first got married and I was looking for a new job, he turned to me and said, "Why don't you just write for awhile? I know that's what you really love doing." Little did he know how hard this road would be—crying! wailing! gnashing of teeth!—but he never wavered in his faith in me. Thank you, my love. I am so humbled and grateful and lucky to be your wife. 

Ok, I'm getting all verklempt now so I will wrap things up! Thank you for reading! I'm so excited! Have a wonderful day! Eat chocolate and delicious things!

* As for book details, we're looking at a Fall 2014 release date! And changing the title too! Blergh, titles...