Ah, Sunny California!

{San Gregorio State Beach. It was super windy that day!}

Ah, sweet California! How I miss you already!

A couple weeks ago, I spent a few days in San Francisco and Palo Alto where my two best friends happen to live. We all met back in middle school, and we've managed to stay friends through high school (blergh!), college (fun!), and life after (both blergh and fun!). Both of these lovely ladies recently had baby girls too, who I was dying to meet. Ah, babies!

All in all, it was a fantastic trip full of delicious brie, good conversation, and lots of catching up. Also, we went to a pie shop in San Francisco that was the yummiest! We shared big slices of the peach and the banana cream. Seriously, I need to live in a pie shop. :)

Pictures below!
{Amanda on the left, Allie on the right}

{Allie's adorable son Leo}

{Hanging out with another high school friend!}

On the reading front, I read THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN on the flight to California and then AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED on the flight home. Both books were amazingly written and I simply couldn't put them down. I'd highly recommend both!

What about you? How's your June been treating you?