Weekend Wrap-Up

Usually I greet Mondays with a shrug and a sigh, but since today is a national holiday I can't help but cheer a little.

Yay for long weekends! Did you guys do anything fun? Or maybe just relaxed?

As for me, I spent the last few days recovering from strep (blergh!) and hugging my supply of antibiotics. Fortunately, I was feeling much better on Saturday so I devoured the Valentine's chocolates that Justin had bought for me (see above). Nom! My favorite was the rum raisin, followed closely by the cherry. And the coconut. Oh, I can't decide!

On the writing front, I've been working on my Shiny New Idea, which isn't so shiny anymore but still quite fun to write. I really do love this step of the drafting process—discovering new characters and fine-tuning the voice and figuring out just where this story is going. It's nervous-making yet very exciting too! I wish I could bottle up this feeling and guzzle it when I hit the dreaded middles.

And in other news, Justin recently created a YouTube channel of our videos from the Sloth Sanctuary! His channel is aptly titled "The Zen of Sloths" and I've included one of my favorites below. It features two of my favorite sloths, Samantha and Linus!

Aw, sloths!