Typography Love

One of the best parts of tackling my blog re-design was choosing the fonts. I'll admit it—I can spend hours poring through fonts online, fawning over the prettiness and drooling over the delicious typography. And you know what's awesome? A lot of the fonts are absolutely free!

Below, I've collected six of my absolute faves. (Metropolis 1920! Ahh, this font totally encapsulates the Roaring Twenties!) I haven't used any of them in a design just yet but maybe—hopefully!—soon. 

I found all of the fonts on sites like DaFont.com, Font Squirrel, and Free Typography. Out of three, I'm especially partial to DaFont because THEY HAVE A FONT DEDICATED TO STAR WARS SHAPES! I mean...that's just plain awesome. 

Happy font-ing!   (<— Not a word but that's okay!)