A Giveaway for PROPHECY!

Yesterday was a momentous day because...

My dear friend Ellen Oh's Prophecy was released into the great big world! 

(Isn't that a pretty cover? I especially love the jewel tones and the spiffy font!)

Man, I couldn't be more excited about Prophecy's publication!

First of all, I adore the book's protagonist Kira who's awesomely kick-ass yet utterly relatable. Secondly, the novel is set in ancient Korea (how cool is that!) and is peppered with vivid details of the era that transport you thousands of years back in time. And third, there are some ah-ma-zing action scenes in this story--holy demon attack!--that will keep you on your toes and there are a few heart-wrenching scenes too so be sure to get your tissues ready!

Honestly, I'm just so proud of Ellen and so very elated to see her book out in the world! To properly celebrate this occasion, I thought it'd be fun to host a giveaway.

And so...I present to you an autographed copy of Prophecy! All you have to do is enter and win! 

To enter: 

1. Leave a comment in this blog post with your email address so I can contact you if you win.
2. You can get an extra entry by following Ellen on Twitter. (@elloecho)
3. And another extra entry by following me on Twitter. (@ctrichmond)
4. For yet another entry, follow my blog!
5. The winner will be selected randomly on January 17th. ETA: The contest is U.S. only, unfortunately! Darn shipping fees! 

Congrats again to Ellen, and be sure to check out Prophecy!