Finally, Friday!

Ah, Friday! 

And even better, it's the Friday in which The Hunger Games opens! Aiee! Have you watched it? HOW WAS IT?! I'm not watching the movie until tomorrow so I must try to be patient....

...I'm awful at being patient.

Anyway, would you like to giggle at my misadventures at trying to be a fashion blogger? Ha! Look at the photos below, where I'm trying very hard to take pictures of my new blouse. Blurry! Bad angles! No makeup! 

Alas, my dreams of becoming a Super High Fashion photographer have been foiled.

(But I do love my new blouse. Anthro sale!)

In other news, I have been a Book Devourer as of late.

Why yes, I think books are mighty tasty! On the menu this weekend:

{The Space Between, American Born Chinese, All These Things I've Done}

My library has offered me such a feast as of late!

I'm especially excited---and a little nervous---to dig into the graphic novel American Born Chinese. I'm excited because it has gotten great buzz but I'm nervous because the book deals with a lot of racism and Asian stereotypes, which always makes me feel...frustrated. And sad. And self-conscious.

Still, I can't wait to dig in! This will be only the second graphic novel I've read (the first being The Watchmen), and I really do love the blending of narrative and art. 

So what are your plans for the weekend? Whatcha reading? Whatcha watching? How many naps do you plan on taking? Naps for all!