Wednesday Wants

want one
{From Paper Source}
I'm usually not a fan of heart-shaped things, but these measuring cups from Paper Source are too sweet to pass up! Just looking at them makes me want to throw on an apron, whip up some cookie dough, and spend the afternoon making sugar cookies. Who wants to come over?

want two
{From Catbird NYC}
Speaking of sweet things, I really love this teeny tiny ruby ring from Catbird NYC. I'm not much of a jewelry girl---I don't own any bracelets or earrings, and I usually like to keep my fingers naked---but this ring is calling out to me. I love the super-skinny band and the barely-there stone. Simplicity!

want three
{From Jason Wu for Target}
Oh, la la! Love, love, love. On February 5th, be sure to mark your calendars because the Jason Wu collection debuts at Target. Wu is a posh Taiwanese-American designer who has dressed the likes of Michelle Obama and Blake Lively, and he has teamed up with Target to offer a fun-and-springy line of skirts, dresses, and blouses. I'm seriously drooling over this dress. 

Although, admittedly, I'm a tad nervous about wearing white. It brings back memories of a certain white skirt that I once wore to my internship at the good ol' Air and Space Museum. I thought I was being all stylish and cute---hey, I was 22!---but then I proceeded to drop my Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream cone all over myself. Chocolate! On white cotton! Oh dear. That was very embarrassing....

want four
{From Amazon}
And lastly, in book wants, I'm definitely intrigued over The Snow Child. I was strolling through the New Literary Fiction section at Barnes & Noble last night and my eyes immediately fastened onto this lovely cover. (The power of eye-catching artwork!) The prose inside was equally lovely: sparse, vivid, and just a tad haunting. The author, Eowyn Ivey, has a knack for simple-yet-beautiful prose and, yes, she was named after the character in Lord of the Rings. :) 

Also, be sure to check out the book trailer for The Snow Child. It's one of the best book trailers I've seen!

So what about you? What are you drooling over this fine Wednesday morning?