Sunday Six

My weekend thus far has gone something like this...

Wake up!
Eat crackers + salami + fontina cheese.
Watch Animal Planet.
Check email, wondering if Agent Jim has replied to me.
Huh? Wha? Check email again.

Jealous, aren't you? My life is so awesome!

Today, I am forcing myself to get out of house and take a damn walk! Ideally, I'd love to stroll around the C&O Canal, but parking is usually abysmal on the weekends so I'll settle for my neighborhood. (Pretty trees though!) Whilst I walk, I plan on listening to the latest podcast from Freakonomics radio 'cause I'm addicted to it.

What do you guys listen to when you're walking or running? Music? Podcasts? If so, which podcasts? Pray tell me! I need to expand my podcast horizons.

To prove that I'm not a total homebody, I went shopping on Friday and bought myself these black trousers from Express. (Go coupons!) The best part about these pants? They're stretchy! Bahaha! I may look all professional on the outside but I'm secretly rocking pants that I could fall sleep in.

I'd love to get some blouses to go with my new pants. In particular these:

I'm partial to the green one on the left but Anthropologie wants me to shell out $178 for it. What ho, sir! That is far too much for a blouse.

On the writing front, I'm nearly done with the fifth revision of my YA alternate history, REVOLUTIONARY! Wahoo, it is almost ready to send out to my beta readers!

But, uh, parts of it are still kind of awful. Clunky writing and not-so-good dialogue and maybe a few plot lines that aren't heavy in the sense-making. Still. My beta readers shall help me whip this manuscript into shape!

*Cue the biting of fingernails.*

Since my life has been overtaken by revisions, I have imposed a reading hiatus for myself. No books until I get this revision finished!


However, I did finish The Night Circus last night because I had started reading it before my hiatus. Final verdict? Hmm. Such a lovely world and imaginative setting but I didn't get pulled in by the characters. Still, I'd totally watch the movie if a film adaptation is made. And especially if Tim Burton directed it.

So what are you up to this fine autumnal Sunday?