Writing on the Road

Hey guys! 

I'm spending a few days in North Carolina this week, tagging along with Justin while he's on a business trip. I have my trusty laptop, my drug of choice (Dr. Pepper), and my ever-comfy writing outfit to keep me company. Sweatshirt + Leggings = Awesomeness! 

No make up, yo! Oh, my sweatshirt says "Maryland." Go Terps!
My writing plans for this trip include: 

1. Re-writing the last ten pages of my manuscript. (They still need to be switched over from first person to third.)
2. Tackling my ever-expanding novel to-do list (fleshing out scenes, adding some back-story, etc.).
3. Try not to drink too much Dr. Pepper/hot chocolate/bottle of vodka to get through this revision.

Once my fingertips revolt from too much typing, I shall tackle my reading plans for this trip:  

Yep! I bought a copy right before we left. I'm seriously excited to read this novel (so much hype!), but I must be good and finish my revisions first.

*Flips open The Night Circus instead*

Damn it.

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Justin and I watched 50/50, which was really fantastic. It made me laugh out loud and cry twice. Highly, highly recommended!