Friday Five

Justin and I are back from North Carolina! It was a quick three-day trip and we arrived home late Wednesday evening.

And now we're in the airport! We're heading to Cincinnati for the weekend for a wedding and our flight has been delayed for an hour and a half. Justin is a bit frustrated but I view delays as: MOAR WRITING TIME!

I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses to the wedding, a dress that I'd wear everyday if I could because it's super comfy and it's super polka-dotted. (And hey, it's on sale! Go buy it so we can be twinners!)

Don't I look fabulous in this pic? Yep, that's totally me. Snerk.
I don't know too much about Cincinnati aside from...

* It's named after the Roman farmer-turned-soldier, Cincinnatus. (Hey, I learned something from my Roman History class!)
* It's the hometown of American president James Garfield.
* It has a zoo! I love zoos. I'm totally going to the zoo. (Although I grew up by the National Zoo, which is free, and so I believe that all zoos should be free. Guess I'll be sneaking in!)

I inhaled Lola and The Boy Next Door yesterday. Seriously, yo. I started reading around 6AM and I was finished five hours later. It. Is. Awesomeness. Dare I say that it's even better than Anna and the French Kiss? Which is almost blasphemy to me since I loved ANNA and I absolutely adore Paris, but LOLA features both Anna and Etienne and it has a dog named Heavens to Betsy. Five out of five stars!

So what are you guys up to this Columbus Day Weekend?