Friday Five

In just three weeks, my best friend is getting married! We met in our seventh grade science class and bonded over soap operas--both of our grandmothers watched them daily and we couldn't help but get sucked in. And now *sniff* Amanda is getting hitched! I'm getting all verklempt.

The bridesmaids will be wearing this strapless number from J. Crew, although in a lighter lavender shade. Pretty, no? (Although I have such unshapely arms! Argh, I must get myself to the gym, stat!)

Amanda, the bride, has asked us bridesmaids to choose our own nude shoes, which I will do gladly since I think nude shoes are all sorts of pretty. But...what do I pick?!

I think these heels from Aldo are gorgeous--and are on sale for $27!--but I have mega reservations. First, do you see those heels? Sexy, yes, but over 4 inches high! Ouch! And second, I'm already having nightmares about walking down the aisle and tripping in these shoes. Hmm, I think this is a pass...

At the end of the day, I'll probably opt for something more practical, like these. Still cute but with a much more manageable heel. Plus, I won't be hobbling around like a woman with bound feet by the end of the night!

Speaking of good friends, my college roommate (and fellow London study abroad adventurer) Alexis Middleton has started a fantastic design/craft blog, Persia Lou. Look at her awesome office! She made the fabric board on the wall (it's magnetic!). Makes you want to take a seat and crank out a few manuscripts, doesn't it? 

I found out this week that a Cafe Rio has opened thirty minutes from my house! If you've ever been to this fantastic Mexican restaurant, then you will understand my squeeing. SQUEE!

I know it sounds weird, but Cafe Rio's pork barbacoa salad is just about the most delicious things I've ever eaten. Seriously so good. *Drooling just thinking about it* So if you live in the DC area and would like to have lunch with me (come on, you definitely want to have lunch with me!), guess where we're going to go? Yep! Cafe Rio! 

This weekend, my sister and I might head to the County Fair since we love strolling through the animal stalls. Last year, we encountered a beast of a bunny named "Muffin." Muffin looked exactly like this, but a bit more shaggy: 

Yes, this is indeed a rabbit.

Aieee! Bunnicula! 

So what are your plans for the weekend? Revision cave? Slogging at your draft? Running away from Muffin?