A Showcase of Writers' Blogs!

To prepare for my big blog revamp over the weekend, I poked around a few writers' websites so I could steal some of their ideas.

Ahem, that came out wrong. I wanted to find inspiration. (And maybe "borrow" a couple ideas. *Cough*)

Luckily for me, I found inspiration in spades--there are so many cool/beautiful/kick ass blogs out there! Writers may not be graphic designers but a lot of you have some really neat blogs. Here are a few of my favorites:

1.) First, we have Stephanie Perkins, who wrote the extraordinarily romantic YA novel Anna and the French Kiss. I absolutely adore Stephanie's header (I want that typewriter!) and I love the cool black-and-white color combination with splashes of pink. In short, simply lovely!

2.) Next up, this is Ebony Joy Wilkins' blog, the YA author of Sell-Out. I really love the playfulness of this design (another typewriter! yay!) and the bright colors add a nice pop.

3.) Oh, sweet Jesus. How I love Erin Bowman's blog! The swirly design in the corner is just beautiful. Don't you think it would make a really cool wallpaper? You're so pretty, little blog! Much prettier than I am!

4.) I think Carrie Harris' blog can be summed up in two words: zombie fun! This design screams with personality, from the cool color scheme to the hilarious zombie avatar in the header. Oh, you guys have to check out Carrie's favicon too! (The favicon is the small icon located next to a website's name on the browser tab.) It's an eyeball!

5.) Finally, I love how Kate Hart's blog combines simplicity with a punch of personality. (More typewriters!) The font she used for the blog title is bold and graphic while the body itself is clean and easy to read. Also, I love how the horizontal sidebar spreads across the entire web page--it offers a nice division between the header and the rest of the blog. Simplicity is awesome!

So what are some of your favorite blog designs?

P.S. I've kind of gotten addicted to designing blogs. It. Is. So. Fun! I even convinced my little sister to let me create a blog for her when she heads on study abroad in the fall. Bwahaha!