Wednesday Wants

1.) My friend Lynn and I were traipsing around DC yesterday (cherry blossoms! National Portrait Gallery!) and we passed a Pret A Manger on our way to grab something to drink. SQUEE! Pret is a sandwich shop based out of London and I used to go there all the time during my study abroad in the UK. Ah, memories!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my favorite sandwich at the DC store---the Christmas sandwich that comes with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Probably a seasonal thing?

2.) This ModCloth dress is adorable! It reminds me of a modernized version of Alice In Wonderland.

3.) Another dress from ModCloth. LOVE this print!

4.) Lastly, I really want someone to finish my rough draft for me. The first 70K of the book flew by rather quickly but the last 15K are killing me. KILLING ME! My main issue is that these last few chapters are mostly fight scenes and I am terrible at writing this sort of thing. Gah. Gah. GAH!

Fortunately though, my husband helped me map out the scenes so all I have to do is hammer them out. But why must this be so hard? *Whiny voice*

So what are you wanting this fine Wednesday?