Saturday Six


2.) I posted this tweet on Twitter today that has caused a bit of a disagreement:

If I could create my own planet, I would make spring and fall last 5 months each. Summer will be 7 weeks. Winter gets 1 week for Christmas.

I seriously thought people would be like, "Sign me up! I'm movin' to your planet!" But to my surprise, people do not like the idea of a shortened summer. You guys really dig this season!

In my defense, I love summer. Well, kind of. See, I've lived most of my life in the DC area and our summers can be defined in three words: hot, humid, and hellish. In short, it feels nice for a minute or two but then a bucket of sweat starts pouring out of your armpits and forehead. Attractive!

DC in spring, on the other hand, is marvelous. Simply marvelous! The cherry blossoms bloom, the trees flower, the grass comes back to life, and the weather hovers in the low to mid-sixties. It is seriously wonderful! Thus, my ideal planet would have a very long spring and just a long enough summer to enjoy water parks, beaches, and watermelons.

3.) I'm trying to eat healthier, but last night I caved and gobbled down a cheeseburger from Five Guys. Five Guys is a burger chain that started in DC but has spread throughout the East Coast and even out West. (Justin and I saw one in Missoula, Montana of all places.) If you've never been to  Five Guys, come visit me RIGHT NOW. The burgers are so yummy!

4.) Oh, I bought and read Lindsay Leavitt's Sean Griswold's Head! I blogged about the book last week and I couldn't help but pick up a copy at B&N on Tuesday. It was really good! Fantastic voice that made me laugh out loud and a love interest who was kind and funny and relatable.

5.)My college friend Lisa Tingey and her husband visited DC this week so Justin and I took them to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Jaleo. It was so fun reminiscing with Lisa! We met while on study abroad in London and we got to explore places like the Isle of Wight, Scotland, Paris, Rome, and the Lake District together. *Swoon* We both couldn't stop gushing about the Lake District, even though it has been nearly 8 years since our trip. One day I will go back there!

6.) My WIP is almost finished! Almost, but not quite. I imagine I have about 20K to write and I hope to finish by the end of the month. But man, I'm kind of drained of all of my creative juices. I want to take a few days off but I also want to push through the end. BLARGH!

So what are you guys up to this weekend?