Friday Five: Snowpocalypse Edition

Ahhhh! Snow! So much effing snow!

1.) The Snowpocalypse strikes again! On Wednesday, it snowed and snowed and snowed here in the DC area. Fortunately, I was at home, curled up by my space heater. Unfortunately, Justin was stuck in traffic...

For EIGHT hours.

That's right! My poor husband. He tried so hard to get home sooner, but what can you do when traffic doesn't move for three hours straight and then the state decides to close down the entire Beltway? Ahhh! I'm just so glad he made it home safely. Whew!

2.) Evidence of the Snowpocalypse in DC. (I took a picture of the snow at my house, but I can't find that wire thing to upload them. Fail.) Photo courtesy of the Washington Post.

3.) We've been holed up at home for past day and a half since most stores/restaurants are closed. This got me thinking... Why hasn't someone invented a freaking transporter yet? You know, that cool contraption from Star Trek? WANT! If I had a personal transporter, I would totally be in Paris right now eating pastries. Then I'd hop over to Australia to pet a koala bear. And then I'd finish my day at a warm beach in Tahiti. Um yeah. Transporter = Best Invention Ever.

4.) Stay tuned this weekend for another post in my "After The Call" series: an interview with YA writer Erin Bowman! Just last week, Erin received FOUR offers of representation and she kindly agreed to be interviewed for my blog. Also, did you know that Erin is made of awesome? She designs cool websites, runs a great blog, and loves cupcakes and ramen as much as I do!

5.) So...if you had a transporter, where would you go this weekend?

Hope you're all doing well!