A Room of One's Own

I think every writer dreams about having a cozy place to curl up and write. A place where we can lock the door, ditch our phones, and focus on drafting and revising our manuscripts. Ah, a room of our own!

I really love interior decorating so I've thought a lot about my perfect office. (This is kind of funny since my husband and I probably won't buy a house for a LONG time. Grad school and what have you...) But a girl can dream, right?

And dream I have! 

Once again, I have turned to my good friend Polyvore to come up with a few ideas...

To top it all off, a perfect office needs to have a perfect view. This would be mine: a beach-front vista of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Lovely! Now I just need to make a million dollars to buy my perfect house on the perfect beach so I can make my perfect office. Come on, little book, I need you to sell! 

So what would your perfect office look like? And what would be your perfect view?