Writerly Playlists

Do you listen to music when you write? 

If so, how do you do it?!

I'm one of those writers who can only write in silence. I suppose my poor little brain operates on one single frequency: I can work on my book OR listen to music but I certainly can't do them both. If I try, my mind gets all addled and my writing turns into mumbo-jumbo like this: 

"Delphine the zebra traveled to the watering hole one morning in hopes of taking a long drink. Before she arrived at the watering hole, however, she ran into Captain Picard who decided to beam Delphine aboard the Starship Enterprise. Delphine couldn't believe her luck! You see, she had watched Star Trek on her jungle television for many years and now she could finally travel through the stars with gorgeous Han Solo by her side." 

Yep, mumbo jumbo. 

So...what do you like to listen to whilst penning your novel? Or are you like me and require absolute silence while writing your masterpiece?