Friday Five

1.) Right above, you'll find a picture of me hangin' out with George, Tom, Teddy, and Abe. I sure do get around the block! 

Justin and I decided to stop by Mount Rushmore while we drove through South Dakota, and I thought it would be mega funny if I struck a "High School Portrait" pose at the site. You know the kind: cheesy smile, hand on hip, face resting against my fist. All I needed was one of those "Class of 2000" styrofoam cut-outs and it would've been perfect. Ah, gotta love those silly poses!

2.) In the past two months, I have spent over 20 days with my mother-in-law...and we both survived unscathed. Huzzah! 

3.) Autumn is in full swing here in Maryland, which means that every coffee shop has added some kind of pumpkin-based drink or baked good to their menu. This is, in one word, AMAZING. Pumpkin muffins! Pumpkin scones! Pumpkin spice latte! I've already gained three pounds stuffing all of this goodness down my face.

4.) It has been three weeks now that I have been on sub. (Not that I'm counting the days or anything...) I believe I am slowly losing my mind and may need to enter a sanatorium at some point in the near future. I'd appreciate visitors so please come see me in the loony bin!

5.) To keep myself from going too crazy, I had dinner last night with fellow DGLM clients Jessica Spotswood and Robin Reed. I love them! They don't look at me funny when I drone on about YA literature or the submission process--in fact, they actually like talking about such things! I wish I had met them three years ago when I was first drafting my novel. I was such a hermit back then...why? WHY?! Writer friends are a good thing!

Anyway, my weekend looks pretty low-key. Justin and I are going to do some pumpkin-carving and we might catch a movie. The Social Network, maybe? What are you guys up to? Any good movie recs?