Friday Five (Or Six?)

Wow, Friday already? How did this week fly by so quickly?

1.) Damn you, Project Runway! Anger...frustration...blind rage... I hate you right now!

2.) Halloween is just around the corner but Justin and I don't have any plans yet. (Insert sad face.) Maybe this is a good thing though because I don't have a costume. Ugh, costume shopping isn't too fun anymore because I can only find sexified stuff at the store. Sexy cat. Sexy nurse. Sexy Big Bird. Too much of the sexy! I'd rather be something funny, like this:

3.) Oh, I finally carved my pumpkin! It took me, like, twenty hours to finish but I'm pretty happy with the final product. 
Hahaha. Actually, those aren't my pumpkins. Far from it. The only way I could've carved these melons is if you chopped off my hands and grafted Pablo Picasso's hands onto my bloody stump. (Gross image, I know. Happy Halloween!)

4.) Okay, okay. Here are our real pumpkins. Mine is on the left and Justin's is on the right. My pumpkin is scared of his.

5.) We finally watched "The Social Network" this week, and I thought it was extremely well-done. Good acting. Good pacing. Great story. The movie hit home for me because it really reflected my generation---how we're constantly surrounded by new ways to reach people on the web, yet what does this do to our real life connections? 

6.) Oh, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month! I'm hoping to crank out my re-write for my YA dystopian. My username is "C.T. Richmond" so come find me if you're doing it too!

So what do you guys have planned for Halloween? Doing anything fun?