St. Lucia!

Hellooooooo everybody!

Justin and I got back early yesterday morning--and I mean early. 3:30AM in fact! Our flight from St. Lucia to Atlanta went without a hitch but our flight from Atlanta to DC was delayed until 1:30AM. Suffice to say, I was tired and grumpy.

But St. Lucia was a blast! To recap:

10 fun days at the Coconut Bay Resort & Spa
20+ hours swimming and basking in the sun
4.5 books I read on the beach
54 meals consumed between the two of us
3 meals that made me sick (I have a weak stomach, I'm afraid)
2 new fruits that I had never eaten before: tamarind and breadfruit
1 cheeseburger consumed that cost a whopping $25
6 times we went scuba diving
100s of fish, sea anemones, lobsters, and eels we spotted
0 times I died while scuba diving (Wahoo!)
1 visit to St. Lucia's drive-in volcano
5 hummingbirds spotted at our resort
1.5 cricket matches we watched on TV (Still don't understand this game.)

Here are some pictures of our adventures:

Justin and me with the Pitons in the background (the two tallest peaks)

The lovely beach at our hotel

Chillin' with our driver, Big Red Yes, that's really his name.


I read a lot while I was there. Ah, perfect!

It was a fantastic vacation and I'd highly recommend St. Lucia to anyone who's thinking about visiting there!